When is a good age to start taking lessons?

We feel that the student should be at least 4 years old to start taking lessons on a weekly basis.


Are all the lessons 30 minutes in length?

Not at all.  although the bulk of our lessons are half hour in length many of our students take 45 minute lessons as well as hour long lessons.  We start with 30 minutes and go from there.


Do we have to sign a contract in order to start taking lessons?

No.  You simply call or e-mail us and we’ll schedule your first lesson and then you decide when you want to stop.


Am I too old to take lessons?

Absolutely not.  We have students currently taking lessons that range from preschool age to full retirement age.  It’s never too late to learn an instrument.


Do you offer group classes?

Yes.  Currently we are offering a group beginning guitar class that is through Schoolcraft college’s continuing education program.  We also offer a classic rock guitar class for intermediate guitarists.  We are working on a group violin class that will be offered in the new year.  We are also just beginning to put together a singer/songwriter class.


Are you open on the weekends?

Yes.  We are open on Saturday from 10:00a.m.-2:00p.m.  We are not open on Sunday.


Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes.  Simply call us, e-mail us or stop in and we’ll be happy to assist you


Do you do home visits?

No.  We do all of our lessons at the studio (refer to the map on the contact page).  


Do you do instrument repair?

Yes.  Starting in 2015 we will have an instrument technician on staff.


How often do you hold recitals?

We offer 3 recitals per year.  When we host a recital it is usually announced three months in advance and held at Evola Music in Canton.